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It wasn't that long ago that ARS would just put in a pipe jet for under and they were located in Manhattan, NYC then.

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ARS is such a rip off I wish someone would give them some competition.I would love to have the gas valve in this lighter modified for my pipe but as it sits right now, there are only about invested in to it.Plug, it's your signature lighter that sent me on a quest for getting a proper old Rollagas and through my search, I've found myself fancying even more of these old butane lighters.I'm a mechanic by trade and sort of specialize in tiny things anyway. See this thread, you will also see some links to repair service. 4582-Dunhill-Rollagas-Lighters&highlight=rollagas Thanks for posting the links but, I'm really interested in doing the repairs myself. Byast as I do know he's somewhat of a figurehead in the vintage lighter community.I just need a schematic and maybe some instructions. Perhaps he can point me in a direction toward a solution.

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