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Inside, the Elbphilharmonie has three concert halls, as well as a hotel, restaurants and private apartments.The central point is the Plaza, a square that is open to all and that, at a height of 37 metres, offers a tremendous 360° view of the city.When it rains in the east and the sun breaks through in the west, the Elbphilharmonie reflects both.The city comes together, not just in a visual sense.Cabinetry ‘Parallels’ cupboard front in ‘Infinity Blue’, from £49 fora drawer front; ‘Holy Wafer’ handles, £13each; ‘Slender High’ legs,£35 each, all The Italian home of architect and designer Patrizio Fradiani is rich in period details, from the hand-painted frescoes to original stone floors, but he refuses to be tied to the past.This highlighter-bright yellow glass cubicle is an inspired and unexpected addition.

The glass reflects the sky that, in Hamburg, is notoriously unpredictable.The Sundeck Pool by Duravit gives a solo performance in the wellness area of the Elbphilharmonie's Westin Hotel, offering quiet relaxation either before or after a concert evening.Subtly textured Crema d’Orcia stone creates a feeling of refinement and harmony in this bathroom.With its red base and white shimmering superstructure, the architecture of the Elbphilharmonie celebrates its contradictions; a heavy, massive lower half and an undulating top.Approached from the west, the building appears slim, almost fragile and, despite being a towering 110 metres high, not at all triumphal.

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