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Past conversations are viewed in a separate tab, listed in date and time order, not in Contact Name order.

This view retains your most recent conversations, with a link to Outlook to view the rest. At least in the Outlook Conversation History folder you can choose to arrange by From or To, or group by Contact name.

Be warned – if you've built a history of valuable contacts while using Skype, you'll be sending them new contact requests individually.

Another change that leaves users scratching their heads is how Skype for Business handles conversations.

The PC client definitely wins here, but it's not ideal in a multi-platform world if people want to be Macbook road warriors.

After Office for Mac and Skype for Business for Mac upgrades, it's surprising to see this capability missing.

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype led to the eventual death of the standalone Skype account. Microsoft wouldn't continue to grow a standalone authentication directory when it already had the Microsoft account infrastructure in place.

For existing Skype users, it offered to "upgrade" your Skype name to a Microsoft account by simply adding your email address. Now, new users of the consumer platform must create or use a Microsoft account.

Skype for Business is inconsistent in how it handles non-upgraded, standalone Skype accounts.

The current 85 million MAUs include kiosk workers who might only use a mailbox.

What is obvious is that Exchange Online is a gateway drug to the cloud, as enterprises replace ageing email infrastructure.

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