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The first step towards getting rid of this pressure put on you by society is understanding: Your value is not measured in the number of girls you fuck. On the other hand, a man who is very passionate about something (whether it's a sport he is doing, playing the guitar, racing with his car, collecting rare insects or anything else you can think of) is very attractive to girls.

Just keep this in mind to drop the great burden from your shoulders and open the way towards reaching your goal: getting women. Lastly, the third step to become successful with women is putting in some work instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

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Friends Reunited Dating is the largest online dating site with over 1,800,000 registered members and award-winning features.

Believe me, everything you need to make this reality is in you.

Friends Reunited is a popular dating site and one of the best known and most visited UK sites of late. Friends Reunited Dating offers people from aged 16 100 the opportunity to find friends and a partner for life.

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