Fsx logbook not updating

If you are not interested in flying the six different versions of the C-130, then I suppose you can simply skip the content portion.

But as I previously stated, my update plan is to update both the client and the content portion of P3D. Before I perform an update, I typically will start up P3D and take screen captures of all the settings screens.

Pay very special attention during the install to make sure the updated client is being installed in your specified P3D install directory.

In my example, everything defaulted in just as it should have.

Once there, click to expand the individual component downloads section and download the following four files: Install_Client.msi, Install_Content.msi, cont1and cont2

I like to run P3D with the updated version with the same settings I ran on the previous version first, before tweaking anything.

If all was successful with your update, you should see the new “Add-ons” button at the bottom. Pat yourself on the back as you’ve just successfully updated P3D.

At this point, I closed out of P3D as I still needed to perform a few other updates to software accessories such as Active Sky, Envtex etc.

What I’m trying to say here, is content on the Internet tends to live forever and you might be stumbling on this writing a year, two or more from the time I wrote it. Just a little background for those that may not be aware.

I believe, starting with P3D v3.x, Lockheed Martin developed P3D to be somewhat modular in the way one can update and maintain the simulator.

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