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Ivancity is a combination of two words ‘Ivan’ and ‘City’.

Ivan is a Korean word meaning queer, signifying sexual minorities.

‘Ivan City’ is the largest online gay community in Korea providing variety of contents including personals, online chart, clubs, and etc.

And Ivan city site is the leading portal site of Korea providing variety of services such as entertainment, access to communities, online shopping, and etc. Since then, currently on October 2007 there are 150,000 members, 30,000 ~ 40,000 visitors a day, and 100 new members sign up everyday.

Throughout those years, they have also made on-line chatting websites or apps for easier communication of their subculture life.

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Thus, the name Ivancity contains a will to make freer minded society.

Additionally, only adults over 18 years old can sign up as a member.

And if the foreigners or overseas residents who wants to sign up, they should holding CIN which is Citizen Identification Number or Korean ID No, thus they can fill in separate forms and send it through online to the site administrator to become a member of Ivan city.

They would do best not only for Korean but to connect the whole world to deliver love, hope and freedom for all the gay peoples in the world.

And based on the aime to be able to present Ivan city as Asia’s proud gay community, they would put the best of an effort into the work.

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