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Professors are supposed to handle ideas with at least an appearance of logic.

In our Western societies no taboo is stronger than the Jewish taboo. Take the examples of professors who, at one point, dared to touch it.

A Comment A real taboo is a prohibition causing inhibition.

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They launched such a campaign that Ladous began to organize a campaign against Holocaust denial in Lyon! Eleven years after he had awarded this highest mark, Ladous was ordered to organise with a colleague once again a 'viva voce' as if Plantin was still at the university.

Eight years afterwards, the Jews discovered the 'crime'. At one point he was asked why, with his colleague, he had given Plantin that 'mention tres bien' , and he answered something like, 'It was a kind of joke because the work was so ludicrous' I And this was not the end of the story.

Ladous and the other professor went into a room, then a few minutes afterwards emerged and a trembling Ladous said that Plantin's thesis was awarded the 'Unacceptable' mark, even though that word does not belong to the official language.

But curiously, these anathemas - powerful as they are - are beginning to lose that power, not merely because of severe overuse, but also because the ideas xvii Fight or Flight? And that was not the end of the story either for Ladous or for Plantin but it would be too long to tell you the whole story. : the personal face of revisionism ISBN 0 9585466 2 2 National Library of Australia Catalogue-in-Publication information 1. Journalists were there and mocked Ladous but they never said that all this was insane and that Plantin was the real victim of that farce. THE PERSONAL FACE OF REVISIONISM Fredrick Toben Peace Books 2003 PEACE BOOKS A division of Adelaide Institute PO Box 3300 Norwood SA 5067 Australia © Fredrick Toben 2003 except for material attributed to individual authors. I think I have a possible explanation for the exceptional power of the Jewish taboo and it is precisely because I think I found the very intimate source of that power both in the Jews and in the Gentiles that I was able, when I touched the taboo, to keep some control of my fear, of my thoughts, of my language and of my behaviour. The story of JSA Hayward and Professor Vincent Orange of Canterbury University, New Zealand illustrates the same lesson: if ever you touch the Jewish taboo, be ready for the spectacle of a sinister farce in which supposedly logical actors will behave like beheaded persons or, I should perhaps say, like beheaded chicken.

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