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Let me elaborate..hotness is pretty self-explanatory. I wish I could post pictures of real people I know, but I post this blog on my Facebook and things would get awkward very fast, so you're just going to have to trust me.

In my Faces of Georgia series you can see how varied the phenotype is, but in general Georgian hotness has an aggressive masculinity to it, a roughness.

Hand in hand with their acceptance of sex as an inevitable and necessary part of life was a healthier attitude to emotion.

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Here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the complete guide to Georgian men...okay, not really.

Few were as fortunate as Lady Elizabeth Foster who not only managed to set up a ménage à trois with her lover the Duke of Devonshire and his wife Georgiana, but also had her two illegitimate children brought up in the nursery with Georgiana’s.

What usually happened to such women, as in the case of the Duchess of Devonshire who herself had an illegitimate child with the future Prime Minister Charles Grey, was that they were forced to pretend to be godmothers to their own children. Lady Bessborough, for example, had two children with her lover, Lord Granville Leveson Goser.

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