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The place was once a Celtic cult site and she is convinced that the energy persists.

I could well believe her, enjoying two days of peace, calm and utter beauty in the middle of the Bayerischer Wald.

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A dream garden in Falkenfels/Bavaria Falkenfels is a small village in the Bayerischer Wald, half way between Regensburg and Straubing.

Marion’s fame and reputation grows, her garden has been featured in magazines and on local TV.

Clients have to be patient though because her priority is to know them well, their tastes and characters, the outlay of their house and she treats every assignment as if it were her own garden.

An increasing number of families are opting for a Granny Aupair as the ideal childcare.

Our Grannies play, paint, bake or sing with the children.

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What started as tremendous work to restore an old farm house and turning a neglected pasture around it into a fabulous garden, has developed into a business where Marion is creating measure made gardens to others who heard about hers.

Once I had negotiated the winding country roads from Straubing, I saw the bell tower of a small baroque church peeking out of a riot of plants, colors and flowers right next to it.

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