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The information about the Ibanez serial numbers has been obtained on the basis of data from among other Ibanez Ibanez Guitar Wiki.(The serial numbers used here as examples are fictional) 19751986 Letter (AL) 6 digits Example: H770544 The letter represent the month of manufacture (A=January B=February...You usually find the serial number on the back of the headstock on a sticker or stamped on the headstock itself, or on the metal cover plate between the neck and the body.At acoustic guitars you will find the serial number stamped or written on the label in the hollow body, or stamped on the neck block inside the guitar.

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Many of the guitars from that period are popular objects for collectors.

Drum kits were also made with the brand name "Tama".

From 1966 however, it was decided no more build guitars for other companies.

From the first successful copies of their own models from the 1970s and 1980s to today, Ibanez has been a solid and indispensable big name in the music industry.

The Ibanez serial numbers generally consist of a string of letters and numbers, but in some cases only numerically.

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