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Bravo has responded to a thread on Reddit confirming that 343i are aware of the issues, and that their networking engineers are working to determine the root of the problem.

No news yet on what exactly the cause is or when we can expect a fix, but at least we now know that they know there's a problem and are looking into it. If you're seeing any lag similar to this and are able to assist with some info, please consider posting to this thread, where we're tracking this issue with the below info, as we have network engineers combing (insert Spaceballs GIF here) this thread to determine exactly what's occurring here and what types of changes can be made to improve.

Here's the info that our guys are looking for, if you're able to provide: has run smoothly since it was launched, with the great majority of players able to connect to its servers easily, find matches quickly, and remain connected without issue.

However, a small but notable number of people have reported serious problems with connecting to servers.

Players running into walls and I expend no ammo are two things that happen.

Then as the game catches up with itself, I end up dead or warped into a completely different area.

While we normally have a thread dedicated to recording players' connection problems immediately after launch, this time I'm going to take the slightly unusual step of asking that if you're suffering from issues with list the name of your ISP.

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This occurs for 1-2 minutes then everything is back to normal for about 30 seconds. Might want to give that a try if you guys are still having issues. I, like some others, have been having terrible connection issues with Halo 5 and experiencing no lag in any other online games.And if it works, If we had a splitscreen or a lan option, everything would be fine.Is there any solution for this problem and are there other people with these issues?Unfortunately we have some serious connection problems.When one of us hosts a Coop game, the other player instantly loses the connection to the game.

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