Hard to get women dating

if you like something you want it and if you want something you like it, research in neuroscience and psychology suggests that they are distinct entities.Consider cigarette smokers—many crave cigarettes even though they don’t enjoy smoking.This makes sense intuitively—if a man is not invested or interested to begin with, why would he bother pursuing a woman who plays hard to get?In the cases where the men were motivated to pursue the hard-to-get woman, it is worth noting that even though they “wanted” her more, they actually “liked” her less. Although wanting and liking appear to be close cousins—i.e.It explains why companies “create” shortages to boost interest and sales.It explains the success of limited editions and 24-hour sales.

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Psychologists call this “selective desire.” In aexploring selective desire in action, single men overwhelmingly preferred women who specifically showed interest in them and who expressed zero interest in the other men.

The men were less attracted to women who indiscriminately liked all the men or who didn’t like any of them—i.e. Men in the study described the women who selectively liked them to be easygoing, popular and warm.

Most importantly, these men appreciated being “chosen” by these picky ladies who recognized their fine qualities.

Never giving a hint is seriously the worst advice my parents ever gave me.

I grew up being told that if a man finds out that I was attracted to him, he would look down on me. Playing hard to get is NOT about having some tactics you can execute for a deliberate mind game.

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