Harry potter dating game

The game gave us a taste of what Harry and Ron experienced while trying to pluck up the courage to ask someone to the Yule Ball when it introduced the Celestial Ball side quest back in February.

Now, however, your character has an honest-to-goodness crush, a fact that’s unceremoniously revealed to the entire school by the intrusive Professor Snape – who, of all people, has a lot of nerve calling others out on their secret love lives.

Will homosexual relationships be a possibility, or will players be restricted to being heterosexual?

Will players be able to date characters that are already established as their friends, like Ben Copper and Penny Haywood, or will brand new characters be introduced to serve as love interests?

" every time you make a mistake and make you start over, but your points may decrease.

lately, then you’re late for a very important date: your own!

Once players reach Year 3 in , they will travel to Hogsmeade with Ravenclaw student Andre Egwu.

These updates have mostly added new story chapters to the game, but at some point in the future, dating and romance options will be added as well, likely in Year 4.

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