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And since I hold myself to that standard, I expect the same from him.I might notice other attractive people but it’s hardly a lingering thought and I never draw attention to it.There are plenty of men out there that don’t do those things.I enjoy making my boyfriend feel like I only have eyes for him, it makes him feel special.So in my mind, yeah, she thinks looking at porn means I want to cheat with these women.As a general rule that would be a pretty big deal to me, but she doesn't really give me any jealousy crap outside of this one issue, and she treats me well in all other areas.

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I ended up making the call that her positives outweigh this one negative.

Basically just proceeded to go about my business as if we never had the conversation, and she hasn't brought it back up since.

Trying to keep up with the current styles and trends, the accessibility of internet, Wi-Fi, mobile apps Dating in Ireland has transferred to the internet and you need to keep up!

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