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Cape Verde was where Charles Darwin first got off the Beagle with Charles Lyell’ s Principles of Geology in his hand, and quickly developed such admiration for Lyell’s presentation of the science.

Had Lyell told him that the Cape Verde Islands had also been on a voyage-that in a deep geophysical sense they had come from New England-Darwin might have thrown the book overboard.

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Possibly the two-hundred-millionyear-old rock has something to do with magmas that came up at that time as the crust tore apart to admit the Atlantic.

When Great Meteor arrived at the edge of the Canadian Shield, under the present site of Montreal, it presumably made the Monteregian hills, for one of which the city is named.

The Assistant will take care of transferring internet, energy and water contracts to your new address. Its inherent ruggedness holds it high, while weaker rock around it falls away.Limestone is the protective caprock of Pine Bluffs.Why the hot spots are there in the first place is a question that seeks its own Hutton.For the moment, all Jason Morgan can offer is another shrug and smile.

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