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Unbeknownst to me, Jessica had read my book as a teen, passionately championed its ideas but then had experienced painful disillusionment with its ideals (you can read Jessica’s story ).She had a vision to create a documentary to talk about the real experiences and challenges faced by Christian singles.

So we held a series of meetings in my house where people could gather together and tell their stories. But as I sat there listening I realized how different the experience of the average person could be.When I told her about my journey of reevaluating my own book we began a discussion that eventually led to a documentary film project called 3. Many people have wanted me to quickly make a statement about how I view my book now—either an apology or a defense. I asked one of my professors to oversee a process of study in which I examined the historical, spiritual and sociological factors at work in the church when I wrote my book and in the twenty years after its release.I read hundreds of stories from people who were influenced by my book and had phone conversations with many of them.As I listened to those stories I began to see a new side of church life. I heard how values could be applied in graceless ways.Ever since I had come to the church I had been a leader of one kind or another. I heard about people feeling rejected if they didn’t measure up.

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