Inpotence and dating

Viagra produced the requisite hard-ons but was no help at all when this couple couldn’t laugh together or let go of their attachment to having things go a certain way between the sheets. Many couples require some help deepening their intimacy, and therapy can provide the tools. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

Joannides again: “When it comes to making love, relationship issues trump d*** issues.” © Copyright 2011 by Jill Denton, LMFT, CSAT, CCS, therapist in Los Osos, California. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

When a woman needs her partner’s erection to validate that she’s desirable, a short term problem can quickly become long term.

Recently a 23 year old client described a typical scenario with his fiancée, with whom he has a long distance relationship. I feel like all the blood is draining from my body.

The problem is, my libido really hasn’t changed at all.

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His fiancée had been blaming herself, “He obviously doesn’t find me attractive any more. Once I helped her to realize that his erection problems had nothing to do with her, it turned out that she wasn’t nearly as attached to a hard penis as he had imagined.Especially when the couple moves from dating to mating in domesticity!So gals, remember that expecting a guy to get it up straight away could be a big mistake – especially if you truly feel that he’s the man for you.I think this is because many guys tend to become very uptight about their penis, what Paul Joannides (author of ) calls “deadwood – the bummer in your pants”.Many of the men I work with are concerned about their system crashing when their pants are off!

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