Intimidating coaches

"I remember he gave me and about four other guys a bunch of hundred dollar bills and he goes, 'Go grab as many beers as you can grab,' so we grabbed just of beer and brought them back onto the buses and passed them all out."He liked to have a good time and reward his players. Knox pulled him aside the night before a game and told him that if he didn't start playing better, he'd be standing on the sideline next to Knox."He told you exactly how it was," Wyman said. Some of the Knoxisms, as they became known, were metaphorical."I was never late when I was with Chuck, ever," Wyman said, "and actually my whole NFL career, because of him."Something else Knox was big on was, of all things, tipping. He was like, 'Hey now, you guys are Seahawks' -- when we would make the team -- 'People are going to recognize you around town, so you better leave good tips or else people are going to be watching you on TV and go, yeah, I know that guy, he's a cheap p---k.'"'He meant that much to me'It's a rare quality, Wyman says, for a coach to be so stern and demanding but to do it in a way that doesn't cause resentment.

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And when a mechanical issue delayed takeoff of their flight back to Seattle, many of the players made their way to the airport bar."A few guys went in and then a few more and then a few more," said Dave Wyman, a Seahawks linebacker from 1987 to '92. All the sudden this little tiny airport bar is full of 30, 40 big, huge men buying drinks."Knox wasn't there -- yet."We're whooping it up [at the bar], we're having a good time," said Paul Moyer, a Seahawks safety from 1983 to '89 who joined Knox's coaching staff upon his retirement, "but you didn't have a good time unless you peeked to make sure Chuck approved that you were having a good time."So when Knox walked into the bar, the mood suddenly changed.And you should have complete support from your parents.Quite often parents are not completely aware of everything happening on the field.Dave Brown gave him the game ball, and he just broke down and wept, and you never saw that.I mean, nobody ever saw that out of Chuck Knox and it just so touched him."And I think the emotion of the moment, being in that big of a game and playing with those guys who he had only been coaching for that one season, and yet he takes them – they follow him all the way to the championship.

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