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Register said district staff complained to him about emails and voicemails from Pinkston, as well as face-to-face confrontations.

Coverstone said he had no knowledge of the demonstration, but Pinkston accused him of being a part of it."It is abusive conduct or acts that would cause a reasonable person based on the severity, nature or frequency of conduct to believe that the employee was subject to an abusive work environment," Hargis said. A government ethics expert added that while civility might not be a requirement for school board members, public officials should refrain from disrespectful behavior.“Any actions that show disrespect, lack of civility, pettiness — things of that nature — raise an appearance of impropriety and the public can lose trust in those public officials,” said Hana Callaghan, a Santa Clara University expert on government ethics.“He called me other times when he was enraged about something and called me incompetent, manipulative, or a liar,” Coverstone said.“Eventually the calls stopped, but the emails continued.

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