Is dale jr and amy still dating information request letter updating records

She is just a simple girl that I care a lot about and I want to make sure she's protected."For those curious about Reimann, she is blonde and beautiful, soft-spoken when you first meet her and previously married to former University of Kentucky football player Tommy Cook.There's not much else to tell except she and Earnhardt appear happy."Hopefully, she can handle it," Earnhardt said of the bright spotlight that has followed him since he entered the sport.It was just because you just never knew what was going to happen down the road.Even more so that hits home because we've had such a slump and losing streak."In the early to mid-2000s when Earnhardt won at least twice a year, Victory Lane was one of the few places he publicly shared his emotions.He talked about that when he revealed another passion -- collecting old record albums.Or vinyl as he prefers to call them."I got sick of how spoiled I was on just being able to start i Tunes and buy a song and playlist," Earnhardt said. When offered my old collection of The Partridge Family, he said, "Give me anything you've got. Earnhardt laughed a lot during the champion's week in Vegas.

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The couple first went public in December, 2011, at the NASCAR Awards in Las Vegas.

We can't talk about the Busch brothers, crew chief changes and how NASCAR will fix the two-car draft at Daytona and Talladega during the whole offseason.

At least Earnhardt is comfortable in his own skin and having fun.

You know what the so-called experts say: Happy people are more motivated, tend to perform better at work and make better decisions. So perhaps the fact that Earnhardt is comfortable sharing Reimann with the world will lead to productivity on the track and end this 129-race losing streak. Considering that many of Earnhardt's fans are women, will they turn elsewhere if he's no longer available -- or one day married? Somebody told me the other day, 'Man, you ought to give yourself some credit.'"I know I got a majority of my fans in the late '90s from my father and I try to give him credit for that every time I get the opportunity. He came close a few times this season, and believes he can end the streak in 2012.

"I don't know, man," Earnhardt said when that question was posed. But I've had 10 years to screw it up and I haven't. Popularity comes to a lot of athletes when they're winning, but when you sustain it when you're not winning, then it somehow becomes more real, genuine. If you don't believe winning is important to him, go back and look at the way he celebrated in Victory Lane before this skid began.

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