Is jeff and jordan still dating

JEFF: You are NOT allowed to talk about production. Russell was awesome in the house, he was my friend there. whoever you are will come out and your true colors/personality will come out.

Jordan will also visit Chicago in a couple of weeks Q: Jeff, you said you would be surprised if Jordan made it (when you got evicted)? " but i always treat people the way I think they want to be treated. You don't realize it offends people, I didn't mean to offend anyone. Jordan: Yes, I already called my salon manager and said I wanted to go back to work. Jordan: I was afraid Jessie was coming back, but then Rich said that no previous HGs would be coming back into the house. Awwwwww Q; Jeff, were the uneasy times in the jury house? When the camera is turned on, so did other people in there.

Leg 4 saw them get a bad cab driver who, by following bad directions from his GPS, put them hours behind the other teams.

Though they managed to survive that leg due to it being a non-elimination, neither of the next two legs had an equalizer.

Understanding each other Age: 31 Hometown: Norridge, Illinois Connection to your Teammate: Newly Dating Current Occupation: Salesman Pet peeve about your teammate: She doesn't think sometimes Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, sports, outdoor activities and working out Achievements: Graduating college Lifelong to do List: Visit as many places I can around the world If I could switch places with someone: A Heisman Trophy winner Role Model/Hero: Alive: My father.

Deceased: Walter Payton What are you passionate about?

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Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas (Seasons 12 and 13): True super-fans of “Big Brother” know to believe Rachel when she proclaims that “nobody gets between me and her man.” The duo played their first season as if it was them against the world and when they returned for a second go at the competition they immediately paired up with Jeff & Jordan forming a showmance superduo that catapulted Rachel to the end of the game.Jordan graduated from Loyola Academy on May 26, 2007.He received scholarship offers from Valparaiso and Loyola University Chicago, and was actively recruited as a preferred walk-on by Davidson, Penn State, Northwestern, and University of Illinois.Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a 0 Amazon gift certificate. Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson (Season 19): Power couples quickly took over the current Season 19 house, with Cody calling the early shots.Cody and Jessica became early frontrunners after surrounding themselves with other duos, however the house turned against them after a series of poor HOH decisions made by Cody.

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