Is michelle mccool dating the undertaker

Mc Cool also shared a photo alongside Hall of Famer Wilson, calling the former Diva "as good as they come" on Instagram.The trip to New York is the latest snapshot Mc Cool had with her husband. The couple was married in June 2010 and later welcomed their daughter in August 2012.But for former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle Mc Cool, it was even more extreme.You see, marrying the Undertaker isn’t quite like marrying anyone else, as she explained in an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast ‘Chasing Glory’.In a post from March 29, Calaway noted that he had made lifestyle changes and lost 25 pounds to "offset the years of physical abuse my body has endured." Is this an indication he is preparing for a surprise?

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The festivities for Wrestlemania started earlier in the week and heated up on Friday with the latest NXT Takeover event in Brooklyn.

Well, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are proving that age really is just a number.

'The Deadman' and his bride have continued to have a successful marriage since they tied the knot in 2010 despite the fact that there is a fifteen year age gap between the two WWE stars.

Many fans are pointing to a possible match with John Cena as a jump off from last year's event where the legendary wrestler appeared to fight the It would be a treat for fans, but the photos with Mc Cool don't indicate anything about the wrestler's shape heading into Sunday's event.

They also don't seem to indicate that he's worried about stepping into the ring.

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