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"But I can believe that we are engaged.""Yeah, so can I. "Gabriella hugged him and replied, "Yes."Troy hugged her back. She has a crush on me.""I thought we moved away from this problem.""I guess we didn't.""Well I guess it's not your fault you're adorable.""Aw, you think I'm adorable, Gabby?"Love you, too.""So, do you like basketball or theater better? ""Yes," Gabriella said."You're adorabler," Troy said."I don't think that's a word," Gabriella said."It is now.""I wonder if Tiara's still with Jimmy.""I hope so. "I love you more than anything."Gabriella snuggled into him.""Theater-but only when I'm not asked to kiss strange girls.""Is the girl nice? The last thing we need is another girl coming here and trying to date you. "I remember when we didn't want to ever graduate high school.Then next thing youknow, Sharpay and Zeke break up and Sharpay likes you again. But now I see thatthere's better things that come when you're finished.""I remember, too.And I didn't even want to go on that vacation with my parents.""I didn't want to go, either. It just means it isn't Gabriella the Scholastic Decathlon girl and Troy the Wildcats champion anymore. "Now do you want to use the bath-room first to brush your teeth or can I? We'll be moving back to New Mexico, so they will definitly be Wildcats.""Will they be your Wildcats? You'll always be my most precious Wildcat.""Thanks, Gabby."Troy stood up still holding Gabriella.Then I didn't want to switch schools, but I did, and I'm happy.""So am I." Troy began walking into their bedroom."What happened if I didn't transfer to East High? I would've found out where you lived and walked all theway there just to see you again.""Really? ""We can both use it," Gabriella said."Okay," Troy agreed. He walked into the bathroom, put her down gently, and startedbrushing his teeth.Then you'll have a fan club.""I don't want a fan club," Troy said."Do you want me? I remember that time sitting in my tree house talking during the championship party."Flashback over"Yeah, I remember that so clearly," Gabriella said, looking at Troy."Me, too. ""A little," Gabriella said."How about we start getting ready for bed," Troy suggested. "You're really light.""You're strong," Gabriella said."And I'm glad I am.And then I remember that you decided you wanted to play with my toy robot from when Iwas little." Troy tapped her nose gently."I wanted to have fun," Gabriella said. I feel like I'm my age, though some people think we're too young to get married.""I think it's okay. We live together now.""Yeah, but we don't have a license or anything.""That reminds me; we've gotta get one of those," Troy said. "Anyway, we have college tomorrow.""Okay." Gabriella reluctantly squirmed out of Troy's arms."Don't you want me to hold you? Gabriella instantly threw herself back in his arms and let him lift her up so her head was resting on hisshoulder. I like holding you so much.""I like being held," Gabriella said, smiling and closing her eyes.

Especially with their weddingcoming up the end of December, they would want to have a house to live in."Five more minutes, Gabby," Troy groaned.

High school sophomores are ~super cool~ and would never be caught dead at a "kids'" party. I can totally see why Troy so wasn't here for the New Year's party. I mean, I get joining the musical might be weird to his basketball teammates, but come on, you sang ONE SONG for karaoke on New Year's. She mentions "homeroom manners" in a scene, but then why would she be teaching her homeroom class Shakespeare? Like, ducking behind cars and janitorial equipment? Why not just say you have a crush on Gabriella so you're pretending to be interested in drama to get to know her? Then again, that wouldn't make for a very interesting teen movie.

Your friends would probably think it was funny and write it off as a one-time thing. he was singing when he performed karaoke with Gabriella. Misbehaving in school totally trumps practice and star athletes shouldn't get special treatment.

You'll be my Wildcat forever.""I love you.""Love you, too," Gabriella said.

They pressed their lips together and passionately kissed.

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