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Jason Barder and Heng Sok Chheng pay their respects to the couple who have gone from sickness, to health, to marriage.CAMBODIA'S most-talked about newlyweds are settling down to a life of domestic bliss - and widespread fame - after only narrowly securing official permission to tie the knot.However, some of Sokha's former girlfriends - she has something of a reputation as a womanizer among local villages-we're far from pleased. Three of them harassed me when they heard I would be married."One of them, on the wedding day, went to the wedding and cried and said I had a 'black heart' for marrying another woman." Notoriety thrust upon them, the couple are having no problem keeping level-headed about it all.Theirs was a whirlwind romance which began in December when Eth, who had suffered a lingering illness for years, visited Sokha for treatment.Sokha, who studied medicine for five years, was able to cure Eth, visiting her regularly at her home in a nearby village.

They said that if we were both single [and childless], we would not be allowed to get married because we could not produce children." Before agreeing to issue a marriage license, however, officials quizzed Eth on whether she was willing and happy to marry.

Complaining that Khmer journalists who interviewed them had not delivered on promises of money, she said: "If you don't give a gift, it will cut off the couple's good luck." She suggested .

Sokha, meanwhile, said it was his wife who wanted money.

"They said their daughter's future lay with me, because I had cured her." For Eth, accepting Sokha's proposal was easy: "There was no hesitation, no difficulty, because I love him wholeheartedly." "I had been sick for many years.

He cured me and I love him - I have to marry him." She was happy to spurn her two male suitors who also proposed marriage. My brother-in law used to treat my sister badly, so I was determined not to marry a man." Sokha, whose previous marriage at a young age ended in divorce, said she would never have married a man again. I got married [the first time] because of my mother.

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