Jason lane dating coach

Finally free of Smallville's expectations, Clark, and the metahumans of her hometown, Lana believed she could finally start to build her own life.

In Paris, she met Jason Teague, and started a relationship with him.

Lana then decided to hide the stone from everyone else, including Jason and pretend that a thief stole the stone.

This caused her relationship with Clark to crumble especially after Jason was fired due to being accused of having a relationship with Lana.

After talking with Lex, Lana managed to live in the Talon apartment and soon was joined by Jason who followed her from Paris to be with her.

Lana and Jason continued their relationship in Smallville, keeping it a secret because of Jason's job as the high school assistant football coach.

Also, she started to get closer to Clark again after feeling that he was the only one she could trust.

This was discovered by Jason at the prom dance and their relationship comes to an end.

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