Javascript span innerhtml not updating caught boyfriend on dating website

I need to see but, off hand do you know if js throws an exception if the remote host isnt available or do I need to just see if the results are empty/null?I am trying to put together a web interface for a process which downloads a number of XML files and then processes them.

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(Interestingly in IE7 bold and italic do work as well as the size and underline! heres the JS I'm using to update the div: Code: However, I now want to display the date in text format, e.g. Could anyone please let me know how I change the script to show this format?

Many thanks in advance, Neil Not sure if this is possible in javascript: I'm looking for two different dates (bill date and due date) on an invoice that are captured by OCR.

If one of them exists, but the other does not, I want the empty field to be 14 days before (or after) the other. How can I use the following code below to save the date from my popup window datepicker back into a var and relay it back onto its parent page? 30, 31) So; 1/12/2010 is NOT wanted 01/12/2010 IS wanted The inherited code originally set the Month names as "Jan", "Feb" etc, and it was easy to kludge these to 01, 02...

For example, in the text area I input a date (format: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS), and I'd like to output between the span tags M-D-YYYY. I'm totally lost here and hoping someone can help me out. Code: hi Guys, I have the following codes: var date1 = new Date(From Date); My problem is 'new Date' function covering the date into mm/dd/yyyy format and I want it in dd/mm/yyyy format.

any suggestion please, Hi All, I wonder if you can help me with some time and date formatting in JS.

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