Joao pessoa brazil dating

Tambau beach also boasts the most exciting nightlife within the city, having bars.

restaurants, clubs, and traditional dancing available to suit everybody’s taste.

Cash machines or ATMs are everywhere (prefer the ones inside shopping centres) and credit/debit cards are widely accepted.

But don't walk around without any money: you may need something to give to the bad guys in case you are mugged.

Another beauty of the city is the Ponta do Seixas, the most easterly point of South America, which can be seen from the majestic Farol do Cabo Branco (Cabo Branco Lighthouse).

There are many excellent places for boat strolls near Joao Pessoa, like the natural pools of Picaozinho on the island Areia Vermelha.

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Joao Pessoa has a mass of fully preserved natural forests, squares and gardens, which is why it is considered one of the cities with the highest index of green area per inhabitant in the world (2nd in the world according to a United Nations survey conducted in 1992).João Pessoa[2], the capital of Paraíba, is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil.João Pessoa is, for its sheer size, an undiscovered paradise: There are few foreigners and lots to do.Carry it with you if you can or at least hide it inside the glove compartment.Also, before parking your car, always check to see if there is any unusual behavior (maybe a motorbike staring at you or changing his way unexpectedly to follow you or hiding close to the trash dumpster).

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