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Already I was obediently and faithfully having baby after baby to the obvious detriment of my health, submitting to my abusive husband, homeschooling, home birthing, home churching, foregoing all government assistance including potentially life-saving health insurance and food stamps, cutting off all outside relationships with family and friends who were not like-minded Quiverfull Believers ….honestly, the regimentation and isolation made for a harsh and demanding life.“What’s next? ‘cuz my practice of Quiverfull was not “peculiar” enough already, I guess.While we had initially intended to consummate our marriage after today’s symbolic ceremony, we instead did so secretly after private scripture reading, prayer, and mutual foot-washing.As Quiverfull Believers dig ever-deeper into their Bibles in search of the truly “biblical model” for godly marriage, ideas about courtship and “betrothal” are becoming increasingly savage and brutish.

Just what is the Biblical standard for relationships?

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He particularly cautioned them to guard against impatience.

Especially since Maranatha was rather young, their wedding might be quite a long way off yet.

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