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"I hope we're in the honeymoon stage forever," she told the honeymoon phase." It sounds quite unrealistic, especially when Hough added, "It's a whole mindset, so just do what you did at the beginning if you don't want it to end." Oh, if only it were that easy.

"So if one of us feels we need to have a 'conversation,' we preface it with that. I love you, but you hurt my feelings.' So the other person goes into it with an open mind, versus being immediately defensive.

) may have something to do with the couple's aversion to engaging in risk-taking activities.

In their day-to-day lives, they prefer to keep things really safe and rather low-key.

"Every relationship, there was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right," she later told judge began dating professional hockey player Brooks Laich. "Now I'm not holding anything back, because I'd rather get my heart broken than never know what it is to be completely, madly in love," she told the publication.

As happy as we were for the couple when they tied the knot in an outdoor wedding near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 2017, we still can't ignore the rather peculiar circumstances surrounding their relationship.

We both wanted four [kids at first] and now we're like, 'Let's just take it one at a time,'" she said — which is awesome, by the way.

The fact that they have the same goal to expand their family means they're definitely in sync, but the interview went a little haywire when Hough dropped a bombshell. Most guys would run for the hills if they heard their significant other make that kind of bold declaration, but, obviously, Brooks Laich really digs it when Hough gets super chatty about their baby-making plans.

Cuteness overload aside, does Brooks Laich was so head over heels in love with Julianne Hough, he knew she would be his future bride long before they changed their status from "single" to "in a relationship." While en route to a Paris getaway, Hough posted a video to Instagram (via sure that Hough would be his wife one day that he did some sneaky undercover work — for research purposes, of course. Before you were even my girlfriend, I measured your ring," he says in the video.

He asked his friend, actor Teddy Sears, "Where do I meet a girl like that?

" Julianne Hough recalled on Laich's behalf while sharing their love story with , and Sears remembered the conversation he had with Laich a few years prior.

Julianne Hough documented the entire trip on her social media account, starting with a photo at the airport with the couple showing off their wedding bands and passports. As much as we loved being in the FROW of their festivities, some thought the pair were oversharing, and many suggested they unplug from social media and enjoy each other's company instead.

"We had a lot of photos that we took for our private collection, for sure," Hough told Ever since she pirouetted herself into his heart, Julianne Hough has had high hopes for their romance.

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