Keeping options open dating

Of course this realization might be more prominent in our older years, and it can definitely be argued that we should be building breadth when we are young, and building depth when you’re older, but wouldn’t it make more sense to build the depth of a relationship now so that you have more time to enjoy it?This isn’t to say that you should go out and actively try and find, and just settle for the first person that says yes reader.This limits their consumers’ choices and allows them on perfecting that product.

That alone, is worth all the risk you’re taking reader.Instead of picking between plenty of options, narrow it down and then focus on perfecting the relationship.I think that in the long term, it’ll be much more rewarding, whether you spend the rest of your life with that person or not.This places a rather hefty burden on your working memory, and it’s distracting. Dear reader, Since Valentine’s day just past, I found it appropriate to bring up this topic.

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