Leisha hailey is dating

"The Murmurs, for me, was really based on being young and naïve and walking my way through the music industry with my best friend [Heather Grody]," Hailey says.

"I learned a lot through 10 years and grew up with the band. I'm proud of it, but with this band, I don't know, it's like I know who I am today.

A.”For lesbians like myself, the news brought back memories of the 2004-2009 period during which the show dominated our social lives through watch parties and endless discussions and critiques—cultural lesbian processing, as it were.

But the show’s reemergence has also highlighted a truly pathetic aspect of where lesbians stand in the cultural milieu today; .

"I'm an overachiever," Leisha Hailey says matter-of-factly.

"So far, in the last year, we've done 20 or 25 shows, but they've all been one-offs, where we'd fly in on the weekend." Although best known for her work on and as the face of Yoplait Yogurt in various TV commercials), she insists she's equally devoted to acting and singing.

" Hailey: "When we say 'love' it's not always in the sense you think." Me: "Please explain." Hailey: "No, I don't want to give it away.

It's more fun that way." The Canadian independent label Nettwerk Music Group had planned to release , which debuted in the Top 10 on the i Tunes pop chart.

Hailey revived her music career with Uh Huh Her in January 2007.

The Cure-meets-latter-era-Madonna outfit features Hailey and Camila Grey sharing vocals, songwriting, synthesizer and even bass duties (they "swap the bass" on stage).

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