Live sex bogans

There’s not a place where you won’t hear about them but are they really ever seen? Westie is a Sydney term to describe those that live to the west of Glebe Island Bridge.

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In the meantime, here’s a triptych of songs to keep us going: The song that says it all, not that I agree with all those being slurred in the clip. I’m probably one of the few who actually quite like Scientologists: Bogan’s are on the rise my friends, their disgraceful presence is everywhere.

There’s Bogans in the Test team, there’s Bogans on TV, there’s Bogans on the bus and trains, I bet there’s even Bogan’s in Parliament House!

It was hard to grow up as a Westie and go to a private school.

An hour and a half one way, each day, of walking, bus, train, bus and walking all in your little blue cap and long knee shorts. A mark for every embittered Public School boy in his gang. We were at the perimeter of society’s cultured bounds.

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