Loneliness dating

Join these groups in a casual setting with no pressure.

That way if you like the crowd you can engage in a few good conversations and if you don’t you can leave without anybody noticing.

You will see that will lower your anxiety and loneliness and increase your joy, creativity, and mindfulness. I just had to learn how to bring joy into my own life, instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

I treat myself, by taking care of my body by working out, of my mind by reading and my soul by spending time with God.

However, the extent to which loneliness negatively affects your daily lives is a direct correlation of the value you give your desire to be married. In this state, you are aware of the fact that most of your time is spend entertaining yourself, but you don’t mind. You feel a void in your life that you can’t seem to fill.

You are at peace and content with your own company and know how to utilize this season well. You are longing for something and believe that it’s male company.

And your desire to be in a healthy relationship is a good and natural desire.

That’s why feeling lonely in your Single Season can surface as a byproduct of the good desire to be in a relationship.

Every time you feel lonely, repeat this mental exercise.

If you genuinely want to be married it is easy to feel the void of a spouse even more.

The knowledge that you don’t have a companion to share your life with can be staggering and the idea of having to manage life alone is frustrating at times.

Break that habit by tricking your mind into remembering all the great things you do have.

Studies show that we internalize things better if we write them down.

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