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My gf and I had sex a couple nights before on the floor at her apartment and I ended up getting a “rug burn” on my knee from the carpet.So I’m sitting in my mom’s car with my feet up on the seat, knees visible. In that moment I drew a complete blank on what white lie I could tell to not have this conversation.I still don't watch porn (maybe someday, for now my books are plenty) but i now own a vibrator and OH MY GOD why didn't i do that earlier?? Since then i've read a few hundred romance books, sampling from BDSM, Menage, LGBT , paranormal, etc etc etc.Reading these gave me a new compassion for people of varying sexuality, and allowed me to feel peaceful about my own children's emerging sexuality instead being skeezed out.I now love being worshiped and giving it right back.Mammary intercourse was a delightful new discovery (hadn't even heard of it) and I learned to enjoy giving and getting the occasional spank, etc.How important is kissing to you, normally and during sex ? Since I’ve grown up and have been a little more more physical with guys, I realized that sex fantasies feel SO much better when it’s about my s/o, a guy I like and even one of my ex’s (although I can’t stand to think about them) instead of someone made up in my head. (sorry for the goddamn novel)I have been a big reader my entire life, but avoided romance because there's a stigma around it.It's sometimes seen as cheap, or trashy, or demeaning, and i am ashamed to say that i sort of fell into that mindset.

He's a very gentle, passive individual so never pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

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After my 5th Mary Balogh book, i pretty much climbed my husband and was insatiable for a week. There's ton of it on Kindle Unlimited and Audible, and more subgenres than you can shake a stick at.

I started reading books that involved more dirty talk, and discovered something that i never knew i needed!

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