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Will keep y'all posted I can't understand the bad reviews on here, I have had a good experience.of course there will be the scammers here and there but on the whole it has been 5 star .Hi Kevin, you sent your message on Sunday and we replied on Monday !Please check your messages as we certainly did respond to you, you have not replied back. I had 1 reply once and they said they cancelled my subscription; they did not.“Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island — they all talk differently and come with a different attitude, but there is something attractive about all of them,” said Joliza Barberwi, a 24-year-old sales rep. Yes, i got replies, multiple replies, but something seemed off on ALL of them.They love it when you tell them you’re from Noo Yawk.A survey of the sexiest accents by dating site ­says the sound of sharp-talking New Yorkers is an aphrodisiac — especially to women hearing it from guys.

This is my first visit to the UK and I am so happy to be here with someone I would have never met if I had not have joined iloveyouraccent so from both of us thank you thank you .

The New Jersey accent finished fifth — tied with Canada’s at 7 percent.

New Yorkers naturally agreed their accent is pillow-talk perfection.

They appeared interested, would send a reply, then nothing for weeks.

Yes, one or two doing this is normal, but ALL the ones who responded did this.

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