Making dating profile

Luckily, dating apps collect data, which can help you figure out how to rig the system and get way more matches.Here are eight ways to get more eyes on you instantly, based on information provided by Ok Cupid: While that candid shot of you laughing with your friends is beautiful and can be a part of your profile, your first photo should show your eyes focused out at potential dates.Additionally, Ok Cupid researchers found that captioning photos increases your chances for a like by 30 percent.The last thing you want to do is look like a spam bot or someone who can barely make the effort to write a few sentences about themselves.

BG: It’s important to have a dating plan to set yourself up for success.

PLUS, the more things you have as conversation-starters on your profile, the easier it is for someone to talk to you first.

Ok Cupid found that movies, books, and sports are among the interests people write about most frequently on their profiles—but music tops the list.

It's obviously fine to wear shades in a group pic at the beach, but your first photo or two should show your whole face, according to Ok Cupid's data team.

The stats found that profiles with sunglasses in the first image get about 20 percent fewer likes than those without sunglasses.

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