Malwarebytes program error updating 12016

Scams The lucrative business of Bitcoin sextortion scams August 22, 2019 - Sextortion scams are back on the radar, and many say they’re on the uptick.We investigate an email campaign to see how lucrative the business of sextortion can be. Upgrades include new features, feature improvements, or fixes for known issues.

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A week in security A week in security (August 19 – 25) August 26, 2019 - A roundup of the latest cybersecurity news for the week of August 19–25, including Magecart attacks on poker software, a new Bluetooth vulnerability, continuing ransomware attacks on US cities, Bitcoin sextortion, and a look back at one researcher’s DEF CON experience.

Ransomware Ransomware continues assault against cities and businesses August 23, 2019 - We take a look at the current chaos faced by local governments across the US, as ransomware continues to snap at its cities' heels.

Windows 7 x64 Firefox Connected to wireless modem Just got a brand new computer, within an hour, started having redirect issues. Anyhow, I started by installing Malwarebytes, ran a scan with no results. PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (11001,0, Host not found) No such host is known." I haven't been able to find that error in any Google searches.

I uninstalled and installed Hitman 3.5, again with no results. But during the initial update, I got this error message...

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