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The fact that Christian couples seem to need the approval of a pastor along with some strategically placed Bible verses in order to engage in these activities is a bigger concern to me.

It seems that we are once again demanding more from the text and from our pastors than they can and should give.

The chapter on the importance of nurturing a true friendship in marriage includes some good reminders about kindness and reciprocity.

I thought Grace wrote a brave and honest chapter about sexual abuse.

In addition, Pastor Mark provides us with a few of his classic face-palm-inducing quotes:“The previous church I had attended was Catholic, with a priest who seemed to be a gay alcoholic. 9“We did have mediocre sex that eventually resulted in five children and one miscarriage.” - p.

He was the last person on earth I wanted to be like. 15But by far the most disturbing part of the book is the first chapter, in which Mark and Grace go into extraordinary detail about their troubled sexual relationship.

In places where Mark has been insensitive in the past, he seems to have softened a bit.

) and Esther praised for graciously submitting (by illegally requesting an audience with her husband, who she was forced to marry after he slept with hundreds of other concubines to pick his favorite?! Grace’s conclusion that “[Esther’s] example illustrates the repeated command across all Scripture that wives respectfully submit to their husbands and removes any excuse we have for disrespecting our husbands,” fails massively to understand the context of that story.

Because his wife was abused in the past, he believes that the majority of women were abused in the past.

Because he and Grace struggled with their sexual relationship, he believes that most couples struggle with their sexual relationship.

He does a much better job of emphasizing mutuality in sexual relationships than he has in the past, (though I’ve never quite understood why so many complemementarians insist on hierarchal-based relationships in which wives submit to their husbands “in everything,” while simultaneously acknowledging the importance of mutuality when it comes to sex..that’s a topic for another day).

Books that claim to prescribe “biblical sex” will always be selective.

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