Match com dating reviews

This reassured any visitors that the brands notoriety has come from being a great dating site and not from anything negative.The success stories have their own area on the site, with featured dating case studies and a constantly updated list of new relationships that have started on the site, sometimes with several added per day.There are more scammers on this site than real people. I for a reverse search on an.image in Germany It a a scam don't get . I am 59 year old man and was repeatedly contacted by pretty computer generated women of a very young age some in their 20's it only took me a short time to realize this site is a scam, there is no support don"t go there is my advice .' I was charged on my credit card by Match with a US phone number in the reference.There would be 1 in 100 who may be genuine, and then their membership has expired and they do not use the site any more but they still keep them on charged me, tried to contact them to correct it, no luck - said they didn't know me, put in a fraud claim on my card & suddenly they knew who I was & my bank declined the fraud claim, tried to contact them again & same damn issues! When I contacted the US number they referred me to the International number.I have not found a match because the people who match me can’t see me.

I had specified wanting to meet people from Melbourne. I then received an email from Match saying they could not identify my charges.Match love to advertise and it clearly works for them.Front and centre of their messaging are their success stories.I joined just over a week ago and have not been contacted by one real person.They have changed where they live as now they claim to live in Australia but have exactly the same itinerary of questions. I would like a refund but is not contactable via email.

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