Men dating want instant

It takes quite a lot of pushing and poking to learn what every man specifically wants in bed (Each guy is different) but once you give a man what he really wants – you spoil him for life. Few other women actually have the confidence, ‘the balls’ or even the mental awareness of finding out about and fulfilling a man’s deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.

Even if he does manage to create a similar experience with some other girl – it will probably feel a bit contrived because it didn’t ‘just happen’ – he had to work his way towards it.

Patient people, on the other hand, see their rewards coming later because “good things come to those who wait.” According to research, “.” That’s very true. That is why, for me, and for countless others, dating in the age of instant gratification is quite difficult. They’re sexually aroused at that moment in time and the person they are with is irresistible so they figure why the hell not, what do they have to lose? In order to combat loneliness we go out with whoever asks us, we have sex with whoever we want, whenever we want, we use people because they meet our immediate needs without any thought to the impact we’re having on them and their lives. If I don’t get what I want then I’m on to the next. If someone doesn’t fit into the mold that I want them to fit in, if they don’t meet my expectations then I’m on to the next. You put some actual thought into your dating process, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

Mind you I’ve learned so much in the process, but, did my impulsiveness and desire for instant gratification do more harm than good? There is a false sense of “options” and choice when it comes to dating and social media these days.

I’ve been there, done that, more times than I’d like to admit. Even if you have their affection and you have their love you don’t have them. a reactive response would be to keep messaging them until they finally answer, by which time you’ve probably lost them …

In the beginning, I didn’t care because I was recently divorced and didn’t want a relationship with anyone, I just wanted to be wild and free, but then as a result ended up in a multi-year love affair with the wrong person, with whom I had an undeniable connection, as did he, who did nothing but love and hurt me at the same time … I often wonder, if I wasn’t so impulsive and wasn’t looking for instant gratification when I met him would I have still connected with him? Everyone wants to be happy and feel good about themselves, about their lives, they want to be wanted. a proactive response would be to wait until they return your message and if they don’t respond at all, you can try once more casually and then let it go and move on. The same goes for sex, unless you’re only looking for a casual sex encounter, keep it in your pants until you know their true intentions. Remember, safe sex is physical, mental and emotional.

If you truly desire to rule a man’s heart – you have to give him what he wants in bed.

You have to shed your inhibitions and help him shed his.

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The fact that they are fantasies is what makes them so sexy.

🙂 This communicates to the man that you really enjoy sex.

It also saves him the hassle of having to warm you up every time and sort of convince you to have sex with him.

Many people go their entire lives without experimenting in the bedroom.

Sex can be exponentially more fun if you are willing to broaden the horizons of your mind and explore a bit.

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    There may be unspoken motivations, such as anxiety about finding a new partner, financial dependence on your partner or a sense that you've contributed too much to the relationship to just give up.

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    On the other hand, you can feel free to try and meet women who are on a treadmill next to you at any time.