Moldova dating and marriage agency

One good thing about traveling to Moldova is the country is visa free for most countries so no visa formalities to sort out before you arrive, visa free entry allows you to stay unto 90 days , so extending your stay is no big problem.If you are planning to stay at a hotel it s always advisable to make plans and reservations yourself online , Moldova is just like any other European city, you can book any hotel via web sites such as As with visiting any country always be carful of any scams when meeting your date in Moldova and traveling around Moldova, generally the people of Moldova are a friendly welcoming lot , but you should still stay alert at all times.Then lets look where Moldova actually is in Europe , as you can see in Google Maps Moldova is situated in Central Europe bordering Romania and Ukraine a small country with a population of under 4 million. The local language is Romanian, but Russian is widely used amongst it's population.Moldova is a multi-ethnic republic that has suffered from much ethnic conflict.You'r not going to see to many large over weight women in Moldova completely the opposite.

Moldovan women like men who will not let a problem in life cause a problem with the relationship, they enjoy a man who can solve problems in life however big or small that problem is, if this is not you and at the first sign of a problem you need to call your mother, then probably Moldovan dating is not for you.You should try to meet your potential wife as soon as you can.It is great to meet people online but to take the relationship forward a real life meeting is required , it is best too not leave that first meeting for to long either.Moldova is a country well know for its hospitality , don't be surprised that your Moldovan date invites you to her families home to meet the parents where you will be treated like royalty.Moldovan women make great wives and certainly know how to look after their husband in good and bad times.

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