Ms 6415a updating your network infrastructure technology skill

Migrating User accounts from windows NT to windows 2008 domain Installation and maintenance of Windows NT and 2000/2003/2008 DNS, DDNS, DHCP and WINS Servers for the DOMAIN.Implementing and administration Active Directory services, replication, Trust Relationship and enforcing Domain wide Group Policies.Remote Administration using terminal service, VNC, PCAnywhere and Damware Troubleshoot Windows 2003 Servers and streamlining the user policy Managing User accounts using Active Directory Implementation of TCP/IP and related Sevices-DHCP/DNS/WINS Responsible for designing, implementing and troubleshooting temporary infrastructures for Live Webcasting Events Configuring Windows 2003 as File, Print and WEB servers. Installing and configuring the peripherals, components and drivers Installing software and application to user standards Sound knowledge of digital and analog embedded computer hardware Wide knowledge of motherboard and circuit designs of monitor Deep knowledge of printer and cartage refilling. Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning. Self motivated Initiative with a high level of energy. Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning Tolerant and flexible to different situations.Implementation of name Resolution using WINS and DNS in TCP/IP environment Installing and configuring RAS (Remote Access Services) on Windows 2003 Performance tuning using performance monitor and event viewer to identify and resolve performance bottleneck. Familiarity with Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit, PCB design, schematic capture, board layout, vendor interface analysis and simulation Proficient with electrical hardware test equipment ( Multi meter, PCB testing card, analog meter, etc.) Solid understanding of all phases of SMPS and UPS Configuring and troubleshooting desktops, laptops and servers Familiar with hardware tools like servers, printers, Vo IP, networking and telecommunications devices Excellent troubleshooting skills in complex software and hardware problems Installed Hard disks, Floppy drives, CD Drives, Sound Blaster cards, CPU, Memory, Power supply unit, Network card, Video graphics card, Hard disk controller card on PC systems Troubleshooting of personal computers. Problem analysis, use of judgment and ability to solve problems efficiently. Strong communication skills Problem analysis and problem solving Organizational skills and customer service orientation Adaptability and ability to work under pressure Initiator Possess extensive knowledge of course development, instructional design and recourse coordination Expertise in developing web-based instructional materials and teaching aids Proficient in delivering effective classroom training sessions Highly skilled in creating user guides and troubleshooting technical manuals Possess excellent presentation and teaching skills Ability to develop and lead technical training program sessions Ability to generate technical concepts in a clear and precise manner Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize workload Attention to detail and precision, solid work ethics concerning meeting deadlines and reliability.

Implementation and administration of DNS, DHCP and WINS Distribute packages via Group policy across all the desktops and servers Review and remediate software distribution failures and to eliminate the problems that causes those failures.Installing configuring administrating software applications. Providing training about Microsoft Server 2003 and Client OS Windows XP. Providing Training of troubleshooting of Computer Hardware Devices well working acquaintance in Linux environment operate FTP SSH Samba Server in Linux Environment Linux Shell Scripting Security administration port security on switch and IP security on Router via Access list Familiar with web technology HTML CSS Functional knowledge of Data base management SQL Server on windows and Mysql on Linux Created and deployed desktop images using Symantec Ghost 10 Documentation of all the work done using Visio, Excel and MS word.Preparing monthly work status report and updating technology specific documents Responsible for designing and implementation of customers network infrastructure Help negotiate hardware, software, and circuit contracts for customers Redesign customers office copper and fiber cable plant for scalability Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting of Networking Equipments: Routers and Switches.Implementation of HSRP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, MRTG.Punch Blocks, Tone Tracers, Repeaters, T-BERD, Modems, CSU/DSU, Professional Modular Plug Crimper.

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