Ms access bound textbox not updating

Create the code to dynamically delete and then create the local Access table with the Employee ID information (A Do Cmd. Add code to retrieve the records from the SQL datasource into the Text Boxes based on the value of the Employee ID in the local Access table (populated and set in the Form Load event). In the Form, add 4 command buttons to Move First, Move Previous, Move Next and Move Last. Sometimes however, the designer feels that the users may make changes to the data stick (save them away) without being properly conscious of what they are doing, so requires a way of channeling such decisions through an explicit Save button.Below we will discuss the approach that can provide this facility.

When a name has been entered, select to modify design on completion. The main goal is to provide a means of allowing users to view data without modifying it. Binding the data to the form allows users to modify or delete data from fields. Binding data also presents a locking issue when working with linked tables in SQL Server and multiple users are using copies of the Access Database front end to access the linked data. The Single Form will use 2 methods: 1 where the form is truly not bound to the recordset or table and 1 where the form is bound to a temp table of key values from the original table\recordset to enhance navigation with unbound text boxes.

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