Multiple dating

Tell me these aren’t the cutest date night planners you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

We are always on the hunt for easy date ideas and this one is perfect for a last minute night of fun!

Sometimes it is just plain hard to choose what to do for date night. You may be lost and wondering what to do for date night, but thanks to Carisa, from Messes to Memories, you’ll be figuring it out on the absolute cutest printables ever!

All isn’t lost, and who wouldn’t want to make more friends anyway? When I opened myself up to multi-dating, I also decided I would give a guy a chance even if he wasn’t the type of guy I’d usually go for.

By ignoring my preconceived height requirements and other superficial characteristics I previously looked for, I was encountering more men who aligned with all the items that were on my mental “must-have” list. I don’t go around shouting from the rooftops that I’m a serial multi-dater.

Dating with a purpose means I get to vet multiple guys at once, which eliminates the chance of me putting too much of my energy into the wrong person.

I’m not getting any younger and I want to take advantage of every possible second of my time. Before you think I’m sleeping around with multiple men, let me just say that multi-dating doesn’t mean I’m having sex with every guy that takes me out.

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