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"If the Governor was so concerned about the Wisconsin shortfall of 7 million today, he probably shouldn't have signed a bill to give 7 million to Big Corporations in January." Other speakers included U. Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Tim Drea, AFSCME Council 31 Deputy Director Roberta Lynch, Illinois Director of Move Ilya Sheyman and Move member Midge Hough, President Pro-Tem of the Illinois State Senate Don Harmon, Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 President Robert Kelly, and Illinois Sierra Club President Jack Darin.

“What’s at stake in Wisconsin is a basic concept of American liberty and freedom,” Senator Durbin said, drawing applause and roars from the crowd.

This place is very, very busy on the weekends and you will be waiting forever for the attractions! So plan your visit to Bengston’s (on a weekday of course) and get ready for a festive visit to a pumpkin patch like no other in the country.

Over 2,200 people gathered at the Thompson Center in Chicago on Saturday, February 27 to demand an end to the assault on the middle class.

It’s truly a refreshing step back in time compared to our modern world of technology everywhere.

He is met with a range of reactions: rebuffs, disinterest, mounting, and sniffing– everything a bunny owner should expect when introducing potential bond mates.

To read the full delightful account of Moo’s speed dating session, see the article, “Speed Dating Rabbits.” You can also learn about the process of bonding bunnies in our article, Bonding Your Pet Bunnies.

The Senator went on to tell all the brave politicians that left Wisconsin “You are always welcome in Illinois." Watch video of the rally here: Other Media: CBS: FOX (day before): ABC:

His owners, Ashley Chui and Arthur Chow, thought he might be lonely while they were at work.

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