Nod32 2 7 not updating

Malwarebytes Download Link (Clicking on the links below will immediately start the download dialogue window.) Manual Updater link the program installs correctly but then won't run, please access the "C:\Program Files\ Malwarebytes Antimalware folder and rename the "mbam.exe" file to something else..Make sure it has a file extension and then double click on the newly named file. I downloaded AVG when I realized the Norton software on my computer had expired and at the advice of a couple others who use it and also have Windows Vista.

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There's no need to post twice about the same thing.. I even tried updating from the directory and that didn't work.

Now, disconnect your system from the Internet, and do not reconnect it again until you have formatted, installed SP3, and have an anti-virus and firewall up and running.

That's why you put all that stuff onto a CD earlier.

Then you can set about IMMEDIATELY downloading the latest security updates from Windows Update. After you've done all that, you can start loading on your usual assortment of programs.

I'm also going to include my list of things to do and not do in order to avoid problems like this in the future.

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