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Named the Isolastic anti-vibration system, the system's patent document listed Hooper as the lead inventor.Although the Isolastic system did reduce vibration, maintaining the required free play in the engine mountings at the correct level was crucial to its success.The revolutionary part of the Commando, compared to earlier Norton models, was the award-winning frame developed by former Rolls-Royce engineer Dr. He believed the classic Norton Featherbed frame design went against all engineering principles, so Bauer designed his frame around a single 2.25 in (57 mm) top tube.Bauer tried to free the Commando from classic twin vibration problems, which had severely increased as the volume of the basic engine design expanded from the 500 cc of Edward Turner's 1938 Triumph Speed Twin.Please make sure you read through all the information below, if you have any queries please contact the Library on 01283 540557 (Option 1) between the hours of 9am and 5.30 pm.Click here to download a V112 Exemption from MOT form1. If you have a completely original motorcycle that has been repaired or restored and you need an age related registration number, we can provide a statement of search certificate.

This eliminated the extreme vibration problems that were apparent in other models in the range, as it effectively separated the rider from the engine.We also have parts for the featherbed framed Norton singles and twins that eventually replaced the brazed frames, and the Norton Commando that was the last Norton model.If you are unable to find the part you require please contact us through the Contact Us page.As well as having a radical new frame, the Commando's engine (which was mounted vertically in earlier models) was tilted forward.This was relatively easy as the engine was "pre-unit", that is, the gearbox was not integral with the crankcase, and the change gave three benefits: (i) the centre of gravity was moved further forward; (ii) this allowed more space behind the carburettors for the airbox; and (iii) it gave an attractive raked appearance to the motorcycle.

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