Nurses dating surgeons

The hard part is time and understanding commitments.Depending on your significant other, in school they may study all day and be stressed the entire time while in school.Be humble, love each other, put each other first whenever you can, and you'll be alright. I made bank and it took my mind off how much he couldn’t be around.Now that he’s doing residency interviews, it’s a plus that he has a spouse who can easily uproot and find a job wherever we end up.

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Our relationship really isn’t much different from other people but it helps because he understands the stresses I have at work.

Do you feel like you can relate and understand the varying stages of medical training? My gf soon to be wife is studying to become a radiologist and im finishing my last semester for nursing. Our hangouts were literally just hitting the books.

Quite the stressful relationship but we still made it out I think that you should be able to relate to each other just fine--MDs and RNs work closely in the same field after all, its just not the same profession.

I guess I fail to see how it's any different than being married to a person of any profession. But it sounds like he's just thinking about it at this point, so maybe that's years away. We had a period of time when he was being let’s just say not so nice to nurses. It’s become a thing where receiving a message saying “I need to talk” doesn’t mean break up it means I need to talk about something none of my friends will understand. Usually the complaints seem to be out of stress but I hope he truly doesn't feel like that about nurses in general.

I'm hoping these feelings don't worsen as he climbs the totem pole.

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