Online dating cheet code to win the game

If it is not night, sleep in your bed to make it nighttime.A very easy way to kill Volatiles is to lure them into the electric fence traps around the Tower. When the Volatile walks into the trap, it should die.You can share weapons with other players by dropping them from your inventory in Co-Op mode.Easy "Mouths Wide Open" achievement Volatiles only come out at night.With the DLC, there are ten Quarantine Zones in total.Successfully complete all of them to get the "Harran Athletics" achievement.While the Volatiles are stunned from the electricity, you can also throw grenades or use firearms to kill them more quickly. " achievement In Old Town later in the game, there are more flat roofs that are well suited for drop kicking zombies from.

Quarantine Zones are counted as co-op competitions, even when completed in single player mode.

When you do so, a space may appear before the "20". Once activated, you will have ,999, 175 in strength, knowledge, and charm, and 99 of all six items and gifts. Easy date: ---------- Press the Right Mouse Button and press "Play" during a date for a one of two questions to appear.

Level Codes: ----------- Unlock Nani 1 - Put in the password WQBLD5 Unlock Nani 1 2 - Put in the password aw Wl2hx Unlock Nani 1 2 3 - Put in the password Htrkwt I Unlock Kumiko 1 - Put in the password s MU99R0 Unlock Kumiko 1 2 - Put in the password Ws KV7z2 Unlock Kumiko 1 2 3 - Put in the password Xao WCBZ Unlock Saori 1 - Put in the password vkz2OBu Unlock Saori 1 2 - Put in the password t YU2TEb Unlock Saori 1 2 3 - Put in the password t9GJ6Ol Unlock Saori's Ending - Put in the password t9GJ6Ol Saori Nako's passwords: ----------------------- Let's just be friends: c2okquy All Positions Unlocked: t9GJ6Ol Nami Nishimura's passwords: --------------------------- Let's just be friends: 8HNcg Zq All Positions Unlocked: Htrkwt I Kumiko Nagahama's passwords: ---------------------------- Let's just be friends: 8Wg UUD8 All Positions Unlocked: Xao WCBZ Full meter on date: ------------------- While on a date with a girl, right click and select "Play". You may have to select "Play" twice for it to appear.

To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Ganguro Girl Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: conner54 Enter 20 as your name. Uses for items: -------------- Hair Dye: When a sweat drop appears in the hair area. Make Up: When red blush-like circles are under your date's eyes.

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