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They started wearing this on the coming of puberty. This first wearing of the toga virilis was called tirocinium fori, which was an introduction and training for public life.

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women like older men because it gives them a thrill at times but older men at times might make some girls think they r perves Because older man needed to take care of their family and younger man were more capable to work more.

Because they are weird enough as it older gay man who has a brain wants to be labeled as a homophile (phedophile homosexual) Some older men and women(cougars), straight as well as homosexual, like younger partners to…

Ever feel that you woule like to have an affair with someone who is not in your age group? Age is just a mumber and relationships of older women with young men or older men with young women can bring new feelings.

How to create a happy home full of memories (and the cutest dog).

Parenting: How to know you’re ready to have a baby.

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